Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time management

I would like to think that being a stay at home mom would give me ample time to get everything done. But somehow the extra time just fills up with more things to do.

I'm not a "go-getter". I don't have 57 classes, workouts, PTA meetings, or anything else that is filling up my time. Just normal everyday life. Which I'm feeling like is enough.

I'm a pretty chill person. I like to spend vacations by just staying home with my husband. Or if we go somewhere I really just want to go for scenic walks and read books.

Anyways so I still am constantly struggling to get the laundry done, clean the bathroom, cleanup the toys from the kids dumping them out as I put them away, cooking meals and then cleaning up again. It seems like I am always behind, and as soon as everything is clean, we start all over again with the next meal.

So I've been trying to work on a few time saving methods. So far the biggest and most useful is meal times.

I cook pretty much 99% of our foods from scratch. Breads, crackers, cereals, soups, ect. I throw down some tasty meals and they take their tole in the kitchen. Lately I've been too tired to cleanup after dinner and having an upset stomach when I lay down in bed.

I hate the way we start the day, when the kitchen is wrecked with dried on food and dishes everywhere. The house is a mess and it feels like I am cleaning only to have a clean space to get messy again.

I used to never eat dinner. But I like the family time together, I like providing a nice meal to my husband and children. David works in the medical field so he works 4 days a week for longer hours. Dinners have been difficult to arrange because he comes home so late and by that time the kids are no longer hungry.

So we started having dinner around 2pm. This has worked wonderfully for so far. Breakfast is usually oatmeal. The kids love it so I make a big pot of it and they eat it all week. Then they have a noon snack of bread or tortilla. Something that I've made that doesn't take much actual cooking.

I usually skip the snack and wait for dinner. I basically start making dinner while the kids are eating breakfast. Once dinner is over it's only 2:30 so I spend the next hour cleaning the dishes, the house and setting a load of laundry through. By the time 3:30 rolls around I've finished my household chores and even brushed and flossed my teeth!

Having completed all the housework early really has made a difference in my energy level. I even have time for afternoon coffee now. If the kids get hungry before bed I make them a quick smoothie, which only dirties the blender and two glasses. Weekends are great because we still eat together, and at night when David gets home I heat him up a plate and can chat with him while he eats.

It's not rocket science, but it's nice to make little changes that help so much.

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