Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Vinnie finds his voice

So we named our Sicilian Buttercup Rooster Luigi Vincenzo Chicanes, or Vinnie for short.

He has never crowed and neither has any of our smaller roosters. We had several Jersey Giant and Cochin roosters that went through a process of learning to crow with several weeks of a pathetic "aroo"s, instead of the proper "cockadoodledoo".

Well we finished the roosters off early monday morning before they started annoying the neighbors. This morning I went out to check on all the birds after their introduction to the new ladies last night and what do I hear?

Vinnie, standing on top of the brooder pen, trumpeting out a perfect "Cock a doodle doo!". How did he learn that?

While it is a lovely crow, we still don't want to annoy the neighbors. So probably this weekend... well, you know the rest.

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